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Earth’s Winds and Fire by Scott Joshua Dere
Monday, 13th February 2017

Earth’s Winds and Fire

by Scott Joshua Dere

Bison intrigue me every time I go into the park. They often are calm docile creatures that except human intrusion and rarely show aggression unless provoked. The American Buffalo usually travels in herds, have incredibly close bonds with family members, and seem to genuinely care for each other. I think a lot about these animals when I photograph them and how much they have been apart of American history. How they helped feed people and give people warmth, to how we have slaughtered them to almost extinction. I think about Yellowstone National Park and how its been an integral part of the American Bison's survival from extinction and a place of sanctuary for these colossal creatures. A place where some of the oldest traces of these animals exists. A place where an ancient migration pattern for these animals is still used today by a generation of Bison that following their elders footsteps. Yellowstone is also a dangerous and hostile place. Not only are there predators in the winter such as wolves, the landscape itself is alive and tretcherous as the Super Volcano beneath breathes through erupting geysers, steam vents, and boiling mud pots. And during these winter months, the temperatures can plummet to well below freezing, rivaling only the arctic's bitter cold. This image captures a small herd of Bison using the hot steam rising from the ground springs below to stay warm. The blizzard above becomes a tolerant flurry of snow while the Buffalo below graze in the comfort of the continuous flow of warm steam. I love the cool bluish tones of the winter storm blending in with the warmer tones of the hot-springs below. The silhouette of the Bison enveloped in the steam completes the image perfectly as I waited until they all flowed in one fluent direction to take the photograph.
Equipment: Canon 1DX with 400mm 2.8L IS Type II
Scott Joshua Dere
I started in photography at 5 years old with a home darkroom and Kodak film Camera Developed my own negatives and printed my own photos before ever ushering the digital era. Photographed my 1st African Safari on Film at 20 years old. Graduated from The School of Visual Arts with an AA in Communications and BA in the Fine Art of Photography. I have a Master of Photography medal from The PPA. President of the Professional Photographers of Greater New York and I run an elite Photography Studio in New York City under Art Photographers which pays for my travel and gear to photograph my passion which is Wildlife.

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13th February 2017 at 12:49 pm

What an amazing unusual shot today! Nothing is easy for them that’s for sure!


14th February 2017 at 2:58 pm

Mystical…I love the layers

14th February 2017 at 8:27 pm

Very ethereal & beautiful.

Pamela North

16th February 2017 at 2:58 am

Wonderful story to go with your beautiful image.

19th February 2017 at 8:54 pm

Beautifully captured scene of these iconic creatures. Please spread the word about keeping our National Parks out of private hands who only want to exploit the lands for their own profit. The Parks are truly America’s Best Idea and National treasures.

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